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David Thompson, hailing from Edinburgh, Scotland, is a master of historical fiction and mystery. His novels, rich in historical accuracy and thrilling plots, have captivated readers globally. David skillfully weaves facts with fiction, making history's mysteries both accessible and engaging.

Immerse in the Pages of History and Mystery

Step into the worlds crafted by David Thompson, where each book is a portal to a different era. From the intrigue of Renaissance Italy to the foggy streets of Victorian London, and the ancient mysteries of China, David's novels are a fusion of meticulous historical research and riveting narrative. Explore his collection of works that bring the past vividly to life.

The Emperor's Cipher

In the heart of Renaissance Italy, a cryptic code hidden within a stolen artifact becomes the focus of a perilous quest. Follow art historian James Fontaine as he unravels secrets that could rewrite history.

Shadows of Whitechapel

Set in Victorian London, this gripping novel follows Inspector Edmund Reid. He's on the trail of a shadowy figure whose crimes threaten the fabric of society. It's a tale where history and mystery collide.

The Lost Dynasty

Journey to ancient China where a forgotten scroll discovered by archaeologist Laura Chang leads to the untold story of a lost dynasty. It's a tale of power, betrayal, and the enduring legacy of a bygone empire.

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our REader's Testimonials

Jenny Roberts 

I'm consistently awed by David's narrative prowess and his skill in bringing historical characters to life. His novels are not just stories; they are immersive experiences into past worlds.

Robert Jones

David Thompson is a master at weaving intricate tales that transport readers straight into the heart of history. His ability to blend factual events with spellbinding fiction is nothing short of remarkable.

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